Better Performance Solutions

Smart processes mean better performance—and better care for everyone.

Healthcare is complex, and achieving quality is the top priority. Our performance services help organizations deliver care that works—improving the patient experience with new, more responsive, and efficient processes.

$38M Post-payment fraud, waste, and abuse identified and recovered in the last three years for Medicaid agencies with the support our Program Integrity team.
$250M In annual cost avoidance for one Medicaid client annually through drug stewardship initiatives such as formulary management, prior authorization, and step therapy.
$260M In payments realized by one state’s hospitals for uncompensated care provided to Medicaid and uninsured individuals, through expert financial modeling from our team.
100,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to central Massachusetts residents, at a mass vaccination site stood up in a matter of weeks when there was a gap identified in the geographical availability and accessibility of vaccines.

Our Better Performance Services

  • Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

    Healthcare organizations have access to large amounts of critical data which can be overwhelming. We provide tools that help unlock this data—providing you with actionable insights and enabling success.

  • Clinical Pharmacy Services

    Payers offering a drug benefit must provide positive patient outcomes while controlling costs. Our team approach helps plans provide effective services to maximize members’ pharmacy benefit access.

  • Electronic Health Record Strategy, Selection, Implementation & Optimization

    A comprehensive EHR strategy helps ensure quality patient care. Learn how we can help identify and execute the best modernization approach and solution for your organization’s needs.

  • Healthcare Operations & Regulatory Consulting

    Effective and efficient operations are vital to the delivery of safe, high-quality care. Our consultants provide solutions to help you achieve peak performance, ensure patient safety and improve outcomes.

  • Medicaid Waiver Design & Evaluation Services

    Though challenging to navigate, federal waivers can be essential to improving Medicaid programs and member outcomes. Our team’s waiver design and evaluation expertise is deep—and unmatched in the field.

  • Payment Rate Methodology Development & Modeling Services

    The right payment methodology is critical to support your policy goals and compliance. We can help you design and implement innovative payment models to support effective, efficient care delivery.

  • Program Integrity & Compliance

    Medicaid agencies must track fraud, waste, and abuse as part of their fiscal and legal responsibility. Learn how you can ensure program integrity, develop new algorithms, and extend training to agencies.

  • Program Monitoring & Evaluation Services

    You need to understand and demonstrate how your programs impact individuals and communities. We offer actionable analyses to improve programs to meet benchmarks, sustain funding, and better serve members.

  • Regulatory Policy Development & Analysis

    Navigating complex policy framework is fundamental for designing programs that promote equitable access to health and human services. We help you analyze policies and develop comprehensive solutions.

  • Strategic Planning, Process Improvement & Project Management

    You’re ready to take service delivery to the next level. Our team helps you develop realistic action plans to achieve current and future goals.