Regulatory Policy Development & Analysis

Improving the health of our communities requires equitable access to health and human services and the legal framework governing these programs is complex. We partner with our clients to support the development of effective policies to address pressing social challenges, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

What Challenges You

Policy development is foundational to the work of state agencies, government policymakers, managed care providers, and other institutions as they strive to meet health and social needs that influence outcomes—especially for marginalized groups. In addition to healthcare itself, social needs—such as employment, education, housing, transportation access, and food insecurity—must be addressed to prevent negative health outcomes.

Your organization needs to be able to parse complex legal constructs, public policy doctrine, and the laws and regulations behind them to develop the best solutions and strategies, but may be challenged to find the internal depth and breadth of expertise to guide this work.

Why Choose Us

We integrate expertise in health law, policy, economics, and program development to distill complex concepts into understandable, executable choices. We provide consultative advice on policy problems, options for navigating the implementation of these solutions, and a clear understanding of the potential implications of proposed or enacted legal reforms and rules.

We bring together decision-makers with consumers and stakeholders to develop policy that works in the real world. With factors like costs and legal regulations in mind, we’ll partner with you to develop the best solutions and strategies to achieve your goals.


How We Can Help

  1. 1

    We develop models, identify funding streams, and find pathways for success within state and federal guidelines.
  2. 2

    Our team excels in analyzing data and interpreting results, creating real world payment, cost, and financing models, and building legal and public engagement strategies.
  3. 3

    Our work has led to the creation of new care models, expansion of coverage, and development of legal frameworks and financing models for comprehensive reform.

Our Impact

Policies That Support Populations

We partnered with a state health and human services agency to actualize a groundbreaking statewide model for community behavioral health centers across the state. The model brings together providers of substance use disorder, mental health, and medical care to deliver integrated care to vulnerable populations. This project included analyzing and aligning regulatory requirements, as well as developing program requirements, payment strategies, and rates for urgent outpatient and crisis services. These centers, launching in 2023, will have a critical role in improving population health and individual patient outcomes by plugging gaps in care and lowering costs.