Better Knowledge Solutions

When it comes to better care, knowledge is power.

In modern healthcare and human services, the ability to access the right data at the right time can make all the difference in patient and client outcomes. We empower our partners to make smarter, more timely decisions that provide a better experience for the people they serve.

500 Newborns screened across New England each day for 65 possible medical conditions.
191 Babies in Massachusetts were treated for potentially serious conditions thanks in part to our newborn screening program and committed laboratory and medical follow-up team in 2021.
10,000 Learners who have participated in at least one of our 160 professional development training programs since 2013.
200 School professionals in 12 schools and districts were trained by our expert assessment and intervention team, impacting 45,000 students who benefitted from trauma-informed faculty and staff.

Our Better Knowledge Services

  • Applied Research & Data Analysis

    Meaningful insights transform ideas into practice and improve outcomes. We use mixed research methodologies to collect and analyze the right information, creating purposeful, evidenced-based solutions.

  • Newborn Screening Services

    In babies born with serious but asymptomatic conditions, early detection can mean lifesaving intervention. Our experts recommend panels, collect and test specimens, analyze results, and advise follow-up care.

  • Survey Research

    Acquiring the right information so you can better understand and serve your members and patients is difficult. Our team can help you gain meaningful insights with innovative survey design, delivery, and analysis.

  • Training & Workforce Development

    Successful organizations need a workforce with the right mix of knowledge and skills. We customize training programs and continuing education to support your staff needs and organizational goals.

  • Trauma-Informed & Responsive Care Supports

    Childhood trauma causes long-term harm to individuals, families, and communities. We’ll help your team become more trauma-informed and responsive with policies, practices, assessments, and coaching.