Training & Workforce Development

A strong workforce depends on attracting, training, and retaining people with the right mix of knowledge and skills for high-demand jobs. Our solutions customize virtual, blended, and in-person training programs and continuing education for a stronger healthcare workforce.

What Challenges You

Your organization needs accessible, comprehensive, effective, and flexible training that boosts competencies and knowledge retention while meeting the needs of a wide variety of learning styles. Pipeline workers need training, continuing education, and mentorship to help those already in the field to remain skilled and effective.

But your organization, like many, may not be resourced to build and then support the robust training, materials, and platform required for that level of instruction.

Why Choose Us

We’re not just service providers—we build long-term partnerships with our clients, becoming part of their teams. We help organizations like yours identify where the workforce may need to build and expand competencies, then design a custom training plan and delivery schedule that aligns with your operational strategy. Our trainers work with leading subject matter experts to create and deliver engaging content that empowers our clients to operate more skillfully and successfully, with increased productivity and higher-quality service.

How We Can Help

  1. 1

    We develop, host, and update all training and training resources on our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), accessible to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  2. 2

    Our training solutions are customized to meet each organization's objectives and individual employees’ professional development goals.
  3. 3

    We offer solutions along the continuum of workforce learning needs, from training for new employees to continuing education programs for the seasoned workforce.

Our Impact

Effective Trainings Transform Care

Our training programs have helped one health plan group better support dually eligible Medicaid and Medicare members. More than 30 trainings are available at any time on a learning website to over 5,000 registered users. This work has been fundamental in helping staff build out their knowledge base and enhance their skillsets so that they may better serve and support their members.

Additionally, we held focus groups for a state’s health and human services agency to comprehensively assess the skills needed by behavioral health clinicians and flag areas for training development. With the agency, within a few months we launched a workforce training clearinghouse to deliver trainings that address these targeted needs so that clinicians can better support vulnerable patients’ well-being and safety.