Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

Data is critical to healthcare organizations—tracking care, analyzing costs and payments, or identifying improvements—can mean better intelligence, analytics, and outcomes. We offer industry-tested analytical tools to develop accessible data visualization and interactive dashboards to provide meaningful insights, develop viable solutions, and enable sustained success.

What Challenges You

Many healthcare organizations are overwhelmed with data; they may have it, but not know how to use it. Sometimes, the data or analytics aren’t readable, or they may not offer insights for the best organizational decisions. In addition, they may not have the internal resources to manage the data, extract the key information, or perform the analysis to develop optimal solutions to challenges.

Why Choose Us

While others are technology experts in the healthcare industry, we’re healthcare authorities with technology expertise. Since we operate in the public health sphere ourselves, we understand the challenges you and your members face. We’ll partner with you to harvest the maximum value from your data and deliver accessible, quality care through better, evidence-based decision making.

How We Can Help

  1. 1

    Our team of clinicians, financial and claims analysts, data scientists, and software engineers specializes in managing, synthesizing, and interpreting complex, often unrelated data sets and drawing out relevant information.
  2. 2

    We cleanse, organize, and integrate data to provide our clients with actionable information, enabling them to advance clinical outcomes, contain costs, and enhance overall performance.
  3. 3

    We provide data warehousing and customized data management solutions for organizations that may not have in-house expertise or resources.

Our Impact

Actionable Intelligence, Delivered. Decision-Making, Accelerated.

As the data steward for a state’s elder affairs office’s service information management system, we manage feeds from their case management system and partners, providing cleaner data in real-time. Our processes have delivered actionable intelligence, accelerating decision-making and response to issues from 4.3 days to 1.8 days and reducing labor costs by 30%. This cost- and time-savings is reinvested into their office’s services and clients so that they can better provide critical services to elders.