Better Access Solutions

Great healthcare is only great if it serves everyone.

High-quality healthcare can’t deliver on its promise if it’s not easy to access and affordable for all. We develop innovative products that empower our partners to reduce cost, improve financial management, streamline reimbursement relationships—and put great healthcare within reach of those who need it the most.

$60M Annual cost savings for a state Medicaid program through our enhanced coordination of benefits.
23,500+ Clinical eligibility assessments and long-term service coordination for medically complex individuals.
$1.5B Net reimbursement generated to 10 state health and human services agencies, for healthcare services provided in one state.
100% Satisfaction rate among one state’s Medicaid applicants utilizing our telephonic application assistance during their disability determination assessment.

Our Better Access Services

  • Criminal Justice Reform

    As a public safety expert, you need access to core competencies to better serve your medically complex justice-involved populations. We’ll work with you to help you achieve better, more equitable outcomes.

  • Disability Determination Services

    Your program needs to make accurate clinical and vocational assessments to determine benefit applicants’ disability level. We can tailor services for you based on best practices and guiding principles.

  • Employment Equity & Inclusion

    Inclusion is a priority for many organizations, and you need the tools to recruit and support a diverse pool of candidates and employees. Our team can provide you with the right training and expertise.

  • Enhanced Coordination of Benefits

    Medicaid programs may have incomplete information on members eligible for private insurance, which can limit benefits and increase program costs. We’ll help you coordinate benefits from multiple payers.

  • Healthcare Costs Reimbursement

    To calculate the most accurate reimbursement, you need up-to-date technology, resources, and expertise. We can deliver an effective, configurable solution built on best practices and years of knowledge.

  • Justice & Health Equity Services

    Justice-involved individuals have high rates of health issues and may have limited access to care. We enhance your operation to bring cost-effective, quality care to these individuals, including continuity upon reentry.

  • Long-term Services & Supports

    Navigating the complex LTSS system can be challenging for individuals and families. Learn how you can implement person-centered programs that enhance quality of life and support living in community settings.

  • Medicare Eligibility Enhancement Services

    Some Medicaid members are also eligible for Medicare, increasing their benefit potential. With our approach, you can maximize Medicare benefits for your members, expanding access and reducing your program costs.

  • Newborn Screening Services

    In babies born with serious but asymptomatic conditions, early detection can mean lifesaving intervention. Our experts recommend panels, collect and test specimens, analyze results, and advise follow-up care.