Editorial Leadership

Residents take part in every aspect of creating our drug information resources and market intelligence newsletter— from planning and design to writing, editing, and proofreading.

As part of the residency team, you share responsibility for the providing our staff with current drug information, referred to as the CPS Insider, which includes details about new drug entities and developments, legislative action, and other clinical information, including new drugs’ potential place in therapy. This drug information resource is a mechanism for us to provide highly tailored, cutting edge information to our team in the form of a Continuing Education (CE) presentation and/or comprehensive summary document.

You also share editorial responsibilities for our Pipeline Newsletter, a bi-annual publication that offers concise, impartial data on drugs in development. Focus areas for this publication include available clinical efficacy data, projected place in therapy with the existing pharmaceutical landscape, and potential cost indicators for consideration by decision makers.

Developing content

Working individually and as teams, residents are involved in providing essential content for both the CPS Insider and Pipeline Newsletters. Each resident takes a leadership role for one of these publications. They are responsible for the following:

  • Researching topics for the newsletter
  • Developing an outline of potential topics
  • Presenting the ideas to a Clinical Pharmacy Services client
  • Writing short, informative pieces and peer-reviewing content to be included in the publication

A primary preceptor oversees development of each issue, offering a close but hands-off overview of the entire process. Working on this editorial project, residents are given the independence and responsibility to gain skills that can be applied in any branch of pharmacy practice:

  • Dealing with Clinical Pharmacy Services clients directly
  • Meeting deadlines individually and as a group
  • Managing multiple aspects of a project simultaneously
  • Communicating effectively with peers, as well as others both within and outside Clinical Pharmacy Services
  • Learning critical editing skills to improve their own writing and in mentoring others
  • Enhancement of professional presentation skills to a variety of audiences and venues