Technical Report

Recovery Coaches in Opioid Use Disorder Care: Report and Estimator Tools

Commonwealth Medicine is now ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School. More information available here. This content has not been updated with the new name.

An extensive report on the impacts recovery coach services can have on Opioid Use Disorder care in Massachusetts accompanied by two tools to assist in understanding how to develop such services, was developed by our experts. The report defines what a recovery coach is, delves into the role experts believe they could play in the recovery process and ultimately how they could change overall health outcomes.

Along with the report, the team built a recovery coach Impact Estimator Tool which allows users to calculate the caseload, budgetary, financial, and clinical impact policy makers need before making the decision to invest in new forms of intervention. Implementing a new form of healthcare intervention requires research and planning.

Finally, they created a Compendium of Recovery Coach Certification Requirements by State, which provides recovery coach certification information for 48 states and the District of Columbia.