ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School

A new name—and a powerful way to communicate our purpose.

At ForHealth Consulting, we partner with purposeful organizations like yours to make healthcare more equitable, effective, and accessible. Watch our video and learn more about our refreshed brand identity and our newly invigorated sense of purpose.

It’s a profound human need,

knowing what we’re here for.

We all want to find meaning in our lives.

In our work.

In how we engage with our world.

At Commonwealth Medicine,

we create value in many ways.

But there’s one thing that brings us together.

One thing that makes it all worth it.

What we’re for.

We’re for a health and human services system that works for everyone.

We’re for making a real difference in people’s lives.

We’re for a better healthcare experience,

More equitable,

more effective,

more accessible.

We’re for partnerships that transform organizations

and empower us to achieve the impossible.

The fact is, we’ve always known what we’re here for

and it’s time for our identity to reflect that.

That’s why Commonwealth Medicine is now

ForHealth Consulting.

At UMass Chan Medical School.

A new name.

A new way to talk about ourselves

and present our image to the world.

Our values remain true.

But our real story is finally being told.

With partnership, purpose and innovation at the center.

From now on our why will be crystal clear.

For our staff, our clients, our industry.

All of us working together on a shared vision

For the health and well-being of all.

ForHealth Consulting.

At UMass Chan Medical School.