Resistance, Reform, and Restore

Black History Month is a time for inspiration, reflection, and correction.

The fight against the discrimination of Black people in all sectors of society—from employment to education to housing and healthcare—has a long and complex history.

Black Americans continue to face disproportionate discrimination and oppression within our healthcare system. The advocacy of Black Americans and allies for a dignified self-determined life in a just society—through sit-ins, boycotts, strikes, walk-outs, protests, and more—have yielded incremental change, with much more work to be done.

ForHealth Consulting™ works to resist against the perpetuation of inequities and continued discrimination across the health and human services system. We propel our diversity, equity, and inclusion work forward to identify actionable strategies that support our employees and clients and create real-world value. We incorporate the inclusion and equity of Black people in every facet of what we do—within our workforce, operations, and partnerships, as well as how we measure outcomes and define success.

We want a health and human services system that works optimally for and respects Black Americans. Through active engagement and collaborations with our partners, we strive to make healthcare more equitable, effective, and accessible. We leverage the expertise and knowledge of our partners, clients, and staff to reform and transform our system from payment and financing to clinical practice and information management.

Significant strides have been made in medical science and service delivery. We hope our inclusive approach toward identifying and supporting the implementation of best practices and policies will begin to restore faith and trust in the healthcare system—a system that respects and works optimally for Black people and the communities we serve.

At ForHealth Consulting, we are grounded in our mission. By following our core principles, we will continue to shape and transform the health and human service system landscape to one that is just, affordable, equitable, and accessible to all.

This call for inspiration, reflection, and correction pushes us to create safer spaces and systems, where Black Americans can be sustained, fortified, and respected. We invite you to join us in this effort and honor this year’s Black History Month theme of Black Resistance as we work towards reform and restoration.