Trauma-Informed & Responsive Care Supports

Childhood trauma causes long-term harm to individuals, families, and communities. We partner with organizations to help them better recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in children, families, and those who serve them. We work with them to become more trauma-informed and responsive and support better outcomes through policies, practices, systems assessment, and coaching.

What Challenges You

Recent studies of trauma have found that children who experience adverse childhood events (ACEs) are at an elevated risk of suffering long-term adverse outcomes; the more ACEs, the greater likelihood for negative outcomes. Today, children and youth struggle with unprecedented high rates of anxiety and depression—exacerbated by the pandemic, racial inequities, and other challenges.

In response, your organization may need greater support in becoming more trauma-responsive and learning ways to promote childhood resilience toward better outcomes.

Why Choose Us

Working closely with child protection and economic stability programs, we deliver solutions that are uniquely trauma-responsive and supportive of vulnerable youth. For each client, we assess their progression toward being trauma-responsive, provide training and technical assistance, and review policies that support and promote resilience. Our seasoned, multidisciplinary staff—including child specialists, policy experts, survey researchers and evaluators, data analysts, and systems builders—has decades of experience supporting, analyzing, and developing child-serving systems.

How We Can Help

  1. 1

    We offer a comprehensive system assessment and coaching process for child-protection organizations, economic supports entities, and family resource centers.
  2. 2

    In partnership with the Massachusetts’ Office of the Child Advocate, our Massachusetts Center on Child Wellbeing & Trauma—the only one of its kind nationally—provides organizations with a roadmap toward becoming more trauma-informed and responsive.
  3. 3

    We provide toolkits and trainings focused on racial trauma and social equity, and reducing racial trauma in schools.

Our Impact

Effective Trauma-Informed Care Framework

Our team piloted 22 trauma assessments with seven family resource centers serving thousands of families; these assessments and subsequent trainings have helped the sites deliver more positive youth outcomes.

We developed a state’s first series of trauma-responsive trainings for over 100 participants in family shelters—better equipping them to support families that have experienced trauma.

In addition, we have offered over 50 trainings on racial trauma and social equity, and launched a youth literacy project on racial trauma and anti-racist strategies.