Electronic Health Record Strategy, Selection, Implementation & Optimization

Healthcare organizations need electronic health records (EHR) to improve all aspects of patient care—zero-harm safety, patient-centeredness, effectiveness, timeliness, and equity. Our consultants partner with organizations to strategically identify and implement a single patient record system that works optimally for providers and patients.

What Challenges You

Many healthcare organizations still keep hard copy records, utilize sub-optimal electronic health records (EHR) systems, or have difficulty sharing data from one provider to another. Such limitations jeopardize efficient service delivery and continuity of care, and may put your organization at risk of noncompliance with state and federal EHR standards. But EHR modernization can be complicated, and programs may not have the internal expertise and capacity to upgrade to today’s technology from a paper or legacy system.

Why Choose Us

With deep healthcare experience and unwavering impartiality, we’ve earned our clients’ trust. Our diverse team of highly skilled individuals offer a wide range of expertise spanning all areas—technical, operations, financial, and clinical. Our experts have direct inpatient, ambulatory, physician office, and post-acute experience; we understand your needs, pain points, and obstacles because they’ve been ours, too.

How We Can Help

  1. 1

    From system selection to implementation—and optimization—we take a technology-agnostic approach to ensure you are effectively utilizing the best EHR solution to support your mission.
  2. 2

    Whether a system overhaul or platform upgrade, our end-to-end support can help you save costs, simplify service delivery for your providers, and deliver higher-quality care and clinical outcomes for their patients.
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    We offer analytics and real-time data forecasting guidance so you can best align staff resources.

Our Impact

Finding and Implementing the Right EHR Solution

We provided project leadership and consulting services to a state healthcare system of 25 community mental health centers to help them select a replacement EHR. We completed data requirements gathering, analyzed proposals, and facilitate decision-making and contract negotiations. Our partnership resulted in their procuring the EHR solution most responsive to their specific clinical and financial needs, empowering their clinicians, and ensuring continuity of care for their members.