Patti Onorato MS, ANP

Deputy Executive Vice Chancellor for Operations

As Deputy Executive Vice Chancellor for Operations, Patti leads ForHealth Consulting’s Health Systems Solutions, Digital Transformation Solutions, and the Office of Clinical Affairs embedded in MassHealth. She applies her in-depth experience in the healthcare industry to support health systems in transformation and restructuring, and core clinical and operations improvement and capabilities.

An advanced practice nurse by background, Patti has led numerous projects with leading public healthcare organizations to develop innovative healthcare strategies and drive sustainable change through frontline workforce and clinical transformations. During the COVID-19 response, she worked alongside clients on immediate response efforts to save lives through implementing strong surveillance and infection control programs and collaborating to stand up regional and population-based vaccination programs. 

As a passionate advocate for developing the next generation of leaders, Patti plays a leadership role in mentoring and developing ForHealth Consulting managers and employees. She has collaborated with the chief executive to reorganize and restructure ForHealth and other organizations to be fit for the future through strategy, innovation, and by recognizing talent and the workforce as the key to sustained performance and transformation.

Previously, Patti was the Vice President of Women and Children’s Services at UMass Memorial Medical Center, overseeing the regional level III perinatal health center. Throughout her career, she has been resolute in supporting organizations that tackle issues and address barriers to equitable maternity care for all women. She is an advocate and supporter of organizations dedicated to the training and provision of service dogs for veterans, and children and adults with disabilities. 

Currently residing in central Massachusetts, she is an avid reader, watercolor landscape painter, and lover of dramatic theater and live musical performance. She is an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys food, wine, and friends when visiting Italy. 

Patti holds a master’s degree in nursing from the Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing at UMass Chan Medical School with a specialization as an adult care nurse practitioner. At Boston College, she earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing.