To enhance and build upon the services we offer, Commonwealth Medicine draws on the expertise of two UMass Chan Medical School nonprofits, as well as two resource collaboratives.

Healthcare operations and consulting

UHealthSolutions offers program management and consulting services to public and private organizations. This healthcare management organization facilitates the development of real-world policy and program solutions that benefit public health by

  • Offering Star Rating enhancement services
  • Providing business process solutions
  • Administering a state pharmacy assistance program
  • Operating a member and provider services call center

Regional collaboration on health policies and programs

The New England States Consortium Systems Organization (NESCSO) is a nonprofit corporation organized by the six Departments of Health and Human Services in New England and UMass Chan Medical School.

NESCSO fosters communication and collaboration among members by sharing information and facilitating joint projects. The organization also provides a framework for knowledge exchange, with the goal of maximizing the cost-effectiveness of policies and programs throughout the region.

With the support of UMass Chan Medical School and Commonwealth Medicine, NESCSO is working with member states to develop a new tool for comparative data analysis supporting regional Medicaid initiatives.

Pioneering academic research and best practices in criminal justice healthcare

The Academic Consortium on Criminal Justice Health (ACCJH) is a member organization with a mission to advance the science and practice of healthcare for individuals and populations within the criminal justice system. It has a vision to be the academic home for criminal justice health researchers, educators, clinicians, scholars, and administrators.

We created the ACCJH and host the Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health to support advancement of the science and practice of healthcare for individuals and populations within the criminal justice system. ACCJH members benefit from the resources of an academic community that conducts breakthrough research in correctional healthcare, and develops and promotes a broader and more critical view of the relationships between community and inmate healthcare.

Supporting the development of successful university-state partnerships

We collaborated with the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center to develop a forum to publicize and highlight the potential for and benefits of partnerships between public university systems and state agencies responsible for the conduct of state healthcare programs, particularly Medicaid. Public University Medicaid Partnerships serves as a central portal for state universities, academic medical centers and state agencies to share their work, best practices, success stories, and lessons learned — and at the same time serves as a vehicle to facilitate both the development of new partnerships and the expansion of established ones.